Call for consultancy – Assessment and definition tool of key process for municipalities in Laos and Cambodia

Project Background

The project aims to address the pressing challenges of water sensitivity and climate resilience of 6 cities across Laos and Cambodia. As cities continue to face the combined effects of rapid urbanization and climate change, it has become imperative to develop localized planning approaches that can effectively manage water resources and enhance resilience against climate-related risks.
The target cities lack clear and identifiable planning for water-sensitive and climate-resilient development of urban neighborhoods. This has resulted in increased vulnerability to water-related issues and insufficient measures to adapt to changing climatic conditions. To bridge this gap, the project seeks to develop a locally adapted plan for water-sensitive and climate-resilient urban district development.
Through an inclusive and participatory approach, the project will engage municipal stakeholders, decision-makers, and relevant departments to collaboratively develop a comprehensive vision for sustainable urban development. This vision will encompass the challenges posed by climate change and urbanization dynamics, ensuring that the resulting plans align with the long-term goals of the municipality.
The project will further focus on the preparation of detailed sector strategies for two key areas, such as sanitation, wastewater management, urban drainage, water source protection, and waste management. These strategies will be based on an overarching district plan, considering the unique characteristics and needs of the target city. The development and formal adoption of these implementation plans will empower the municipality to effectively address water-related challenges and enhance climate resilience.
The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) with a project duration between 2023 – 2025. The underlying consultancy aims to be completed within the year 2023.


The consultant shall develop an assessment tool to enable BORDA´s project team to identify weak processes within municipalities in Lao PDR and Cambodia. Furthermore, the consultant shall create workshop guidelines and detailed methodology to improve these weak processes in a participatory manner, using flow charts or swim lane diagrams. It is planned that the methodology is handed over to the municipality, so it can be applied by the municipality beyond the underlying project horizon. This the process improvement methodology shall be easy to understand, practical, and well explained.

Scope of Work

1.  Develop a comprehensive questionnaire and/or assessment tool to guide BORDA staff in assessing key municipal planning processes with respect to water related municipal services:
  • Municipal urban planning processes
 • Management of water, sanitation, and solid waste
 • Management of stormwater
 • Flood prevention
 • Crosscutting issues of mentioned water related municipal services ( such as coping with climate change impacts and rising urbanization)

2.  Prepare a workshop guideline to conduct a workshop for the municipality, focusing on discussing and improving weak key processes identified in the assessment.
3.  Provide a detailed methodology on how to develop or improve key processes, including clear instructions and steps on creating swim lane diagrams or simple flow charts.

Note: The consultant shall develop the guideline and the methodology in such a way that the identification as well as the improvement of the key processes can be performed independently by the BORDA team.


  1. 1. Assessment tool to identify weak key processes within municipalities.
    2. Workshop outline for the purpose of process improvement.
    3. Detailed methodology on how to develop/improve processes, including guidance on creating swim lane diagrams or simple flow charts.

All deliverables are expected in English language.


The consultancy is expected to be completed within 10 weeks of the start date.


The max. budget for this consultancy should not be more than 8000 USD.
The consultancy can be delivered remotely so no budget for travel would be required.


The consultant shall have a track record of dealing with municipalities Asia, preferably with municipalities in Lao PDR and Cambodia. The consultant shall provide references to showcase their experience in assessing and/or developing key municipal processes. The consultant shall have experience in urban and / or environmental planning.


The consultant shall provide regular progress reports to the project team. The reporting format and frequency will be agreed upon at the start of the consultancy. Additionally, the consultant shall submit the deliverables outlined above as per the agreed timeline.

Submission Guidelines

please email the following documents to

  • Provide short proposal and CV of consultant(s)
  • Please feel free to send your inquiries to this assignment for further clarifications
  • The email subject shall be titled the following: Consultancy Municipal Climate Risk Assessment