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BORDA Las Americas

BORDA LA works actively in Mexico, Cuba and Nicaragua and maintains collaborations with different institutions in other countries in the region. As in many other areas of the world, water and sanitation services in Latin America and the Caribbean present great deficiencies.

According to data from the WHO and UNICEF, only 34% of the population in the region have access to safely managed sanitation, while 75.4% have a safely managed water service, which implies that 165 million people do not have access to this service within their property and without contaminants that represent a potential risk to their health. After initial exploratory activities in the Latin American and Caribbean region in 2010 and 2011, the first BORDA LA projects began in Mexico and Nicaragua in cooperation with local organizations in 2012, later extending to Cuba and Haiti.

In 2015, BORDA Las Américas established its regional office in Mexico City, a national office in Managua, a project office in Cuba and later a project office in Taxco de Alarcón (Mexico). BORDA Las Américas pursues a comprehensive approach, with the intention of taking advantage of the synergies and impact that intersectoral planning generates. The main water and sanitation sectors in which we intervene are water supply, waste management (solid and liquid), rainwater management, protection of catchment areas and aquifer reserves. In a transversal way, we work on strengthening local capacities, as well as linking the actors involved at different levels.

We are dedicated to landing the Development Goals and the new Urban Agenda at the municipal level, developing and implementing innovative and sustainable water and sanitation solutions, both technical and managerial. We are an interdisciplinary team, we believe in collective intelligence and we collaborate with professionals from municipalities, government agencies, NGOs and the private sector to develop efficient, effective, affordable and easy-to-use solutions. Thus, we support different actors in the planning and implementation processes of integrated and decentralized solutions for water and waste management.

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