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Cuba is a country with a high rate of literacy and access to health and education. However, these high standards coexist with problems and deficits in different areas of the daily life; among others, the lack of maintenance of old sewage systems, cuts in water supply and insufficient management of wastewater.

Although approximately 90% of the population in Cuba is connected to the water and sewage system, the actual availability of both varies greatly. There are almost no wastewater treatment plants in the country and of these, most are out of service. Consequently, only 4% of the collected wastewater is treated and the rest is discharged into the environment without treatment.

BORDA cooperates in Cuba with government entities linked to the sanitation of the Bay of Havana. With its partners, it develops comprehensive and decentralized water and sanitation solutions at the urban level. Practical examples of this approach for different urban typologies support the municipalities of Havana in their new responsibility to provide these services, previously in the hands of central agencies. Together with its main counterpart, the Grupo de Trabajo Estatal la Bahía (GTE-BH), BORDA operates a project office. For the different interventions, BORDA cooperates with universities, operating agencies, state entities, municipalities, as well as other national and international NGOs.

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