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BORDA Mexico

Mexico is a very diverse cultural and ecological country, but with a population marked by strong socioeconomic inequalities. 44% of Mexicans (56 million people) live in poverty, including 8.5% of the population (10.8 million people) who live in conditions of extreme poverty. 22.7 million people lack basic services in their homes, including access to water and sanitation. Geographic and topographic contrasts throughout its territory are reflected in differences in water availability.

Two thirds of the country is exposed to an arid or semi-arid climate, with states with only 4.99 km3/year of available water, while one third of the territory has a sub-humid climate with annual rainfall above 2000mm and with a water availability of 164 km3/year. In many areas of Mexico there are no safe sources of drinking water in terms of accessibility and quality. According to data from the WHO and UNICEF, only 43% of the population have access to safely managed water services (improved water source located within the property, available at least 12 hours a day and free of fecal and of priority chemicals).

Additionally, only 50% of the population has access to safely managed sanitation services and, according to official figures, at the national level, more than 42% of wastewater is not treated and is discharged directly into nature, harming the environment. environment and contaminating potential water sources. In Mexico, BORDA Las Américas works with municipalities, with water and sanitation operating agencies, with communities and with other non-governmental organizations, as well as with universities, state and federal entities, collaborating to develop technical and management solutions to improve the conditions of access to water and sanitation, creating comprehensive and sustainable services.

We are present in the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Puebla, Chiapas, Campeche, Veracruz, San Luis Potosí and Mexico City. BORDA Las Américas is the focal point of the international network “SuSanA Latin America” promoting strategic alliances around the theme of sustainable sanitation. The BORDA Regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean is located in Mexico City, which integrates the national office for Mexico and coordinates regional interventions.

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