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BORDA Nicaragua

Nicaragua is, after Haiti and Venezuela, the third poorest country in Latin America, according to its GDP per capita. Although great efforts and advances have been made in recent years to improve the water supply and sewage system, the inadequate or non-existent disposal and treatment of residual water and waste, especially in rural or peri-urban areas, has great negative effects on the population and environment.

As part of our contribution to improve the water and sanitation situation, BORDA Nicaragua works with families and communities with limited access to safe water and sanitation, comprehensively strengthening their technical, management and governance capacities, in an environment of trust, transparency and with a medium and long-term perspective. BORDA Nicaragua, has its headquarters equipped with training rooms in the campus of the National University of Engineering (UNI) in the city of Managua. With which it has an important agreement that includes various training and research actions, to facilitate the transfer and dissemination of a comprehensive and decentralized approach to water and sanitation.

We are present with emblematic projects in six Nicaraguan municipalities: León, Wiwilí Jinotega, Wiwilí Nueva Segovia, Estelí, Managua and Carazo. As part of the cooperation with other actors, we have alliances with important national and international networks, being part of the “Nicaragua Water and Sanitation Network” (RASNIC), “Global Water Partnership” and focal point of the international network “SuSanA Latin America”. , arranging strategic alliances and joint processes with various actors. Likewise, it is part of the Inter-institutional and Sectoral Commission for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (COMISASH), a specialized space for the public sector, made up of government governing entities at the national and municipal levels.

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Günther Klatte

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