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Enhancing Sanitation and Inclusive Cities

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Official Project Title

Regional program SAHEL – Improving basic sanitation, establishing liveable and inclusive cities, initiating a circular economy


BMZ Titel 687 03



2023 – 2026

External project number

PN 2023.2601.5 / BOR 009

Person in charge

Jacob Woelki (Regional Director Westafrica)

Dr. Alexander Wolf (Regional Coordinator Westafrica)


The regional office in Dakar (Senegal) is responsible for managing regional activities and the exchange of knowledge.

Project measures are implemented by BORDA INROs in Mauritania (Nouakchott) and Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou).


Decentralised sanitation and circular economy approaches contribute to equitable change and liveable and inclusive cities in the Sahel region. This improves living conditions and prospects, especially for disadvantaged population groups, and strengthens the capacities of decision-makers.

By empowering local structures for sustainable decentralised sanitation, the resilience of vulnerable urban communities in selected underserved areas to the effects of climate change is strengthened. At the same time, the project measures protect the environment and natural resources.


Institutional capacity building, waste water and fecal sludge Management, Decentralisation, Urban planning

Project status

Registration of country offices/Local BORDA NGOs, networking

Financial status

Annual budget 2024: 874.000€

Baseline data Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou)

Baseline data Mauretania (Nouakchott)