Borda Members of the Board

The BORDA Board -­ Stories of former chairmen

The task of the Board of Directors of BORDA is to manage the business. In doing so, the members of the Board invoke the basis of the Articles of Association and the resolutions of the General Meeting of Members. The board meets regularly on a quarterly basis to hold board meetings. In doing so, the executive member of the board is responsible for the business of the organization.

In the past, Hans Budde (1977-1995) and Arend Vollers (1995-2011) held the office of board chairman; since 2002, Joachim Klaembt has assumed this role. Previous managing directors of BORDA were Ulrich Reeps (1978-1996), Dr. Ekkehard Naumann (1996-1998), Peter Diemer (1998-2001), Stefan Reuter (2002-2004 as well as 2014-2019) and Andreas Ulrich (2005-2013). Judith Ringlstetter has held this responsibility since 2019.

Current Executive Director Judith Ringlstetter was appointed in this role in August 2019 and was further appointed as an Executive Board Member in August 2021. Judith Ringlstetter studied law in Germany and the United States and previously completed an apprenticeship as a bank clerk. She joined the organization in January 2018.

The former Chairmen of the Executive Board Arend Vollers and Hans Budde give an insight to their personal story with and at BORDA.