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The four countries where we operate — Mali, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia — are characterised by increasing urban migration and rapid urbanisation. Local policy-makers and authorities face an enormous challenge: to provide all citizens with adequate sanitation systems. Those living in low-income unplanned communities are particularly affected.

Not only is there a lack of financing and appropriate infrastructure, there are also challenges such as narrow streets that are inaccessible to large collection vehicles. Flexible, decentralised systems are needed to protect the environment and the health and dignity of

In 2006, BORDA started operating in Africa through cooperation with TED (Technology for Economic Development), a Lesotho based NGO.
In 2010, the regional BORDA Africa office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania was established. The regional office coordinates the program activities and facilitates a constantly growing partner network within Africa.
In 2017, BORDA opened its latest office in Mali’s capital Bamako.

Our services:

  • Successful implementation of sanitation solutions
  • Strengthening local governments, municipalities and utilities and advising them on sanitation solutions
  • Marketable systems and instruments for integrated sanitation solutions in urban areas
  • Supported sanitation solutions play an important role in developing holistic solutions for liveable cities
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