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We are a world wide organization

BORDA is a civil society expert organization founded in 1977 by representatives of the public sector, the business community, civil society and academia with the aim to strengthen development cooperation on municipality level. The aim of BORDA’s activities is to support poor people to establish a life in a healthy and liveable environment. As an “honest broker” we support decision- making processes on community, local and national levels without preference for either party involved in the process. Our interdisciplinary team and network of experts include urban planners, landscape designers, water-, process- and agricultural engineers, sociologists, economists, geog-raphers, lawyers and specialists for public administration.

Executive Board

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Jens Bruns

Deputy chairman of the board of directors

Headquarter Team Bremen

Project Staff

Regional Coordinators

Clean Water & Sanitation NGO - BORDA 37 Alex Wolf web

Alex Wolf

Regional Coordinator Westafrica & SA
Clean Water & Sanitation NGO - BORDA 20 Kaja Olgun web

Kaja Olgun

Head of regional coordinators, Regional Coordinator Africa

Project Finance & Controlling

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Arne Millahn

Manager Project Finance & Controlling - SA & HQ Projects
Clean Water & Sanitation NGO - Ariane Parks

Ariane Parkes

Manager Project Finance & Controlling - SEA & BMBF
Clean Water & Sanitation NGO - BORDA 14 Leon Brendel web

Leon Brendel

Manager Project Finance & Controlling - LA & WESCA

Accounting & Controlling

Public Relations, Fundraising & Social Media

45 years BORDA
FSM5 Conference
World Urban Forum 9
40 Years BORDA

IWA Development Conference
Establishment of City Sanitation Alliance
FSM4 Conference

New Urban Agenda
UN Agenda 2030 and SDGs

Opening of BORDA Las Américas office in Mexico City

2012 FSM1 - 1st Faecal Sludge

Management Conference in Durban
Opening of BORDA West & Central Asia office in Kabul (now in Amman)

IWA: Development Solutions Award Practice for BORDA

Opening of BORDA Africa office in Maseru (now in Dar es Salaam)
Opening of BORDA South Asia office in Bangalore
Millenium Development Goals
Earth Summit - Agenda 21 in Rio de Janeiro
Southeast Asia - BORDA’s first regional office in Indonesia
1st UN Water Decade
1st international biogas workshop
Our founding 7th July 1977

BORDA Annual Report 2022

40 years BORDA – Water, Hygiene and Housing for all!

30 years BORDA – from Bremen to Africa, Asia and back.