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Core principles, key elements, lessons learned, guidelines made practical, technical information laid out—these are available below in our collection of downloadable publications. We’ve also included communication materials and—in the interest of transparency—our most recent annual reports.

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Annual Reports

Jahresbericht 2022

Jahresbericht 2021

Jahresbericht 2020

Annual Report 2018-2019

Annual Report 2017-2018

Jahresbericht 2016-2017

Annual Report 2016-2017

Jahresbericht 2015-2016

Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual Report 2014-2015


30 years BORDA – from Bremen to Africa, Asia and back.

40 years BORDA – Water, Hygiene and Housing for all!

Media Review

Media Review 2022

Media Review 2020

Media Review 2019

Media Review 2018

Media Review 2017

Technical Documents

Sanitation Entrepreneurs –
Paten­schaften für Betreiberpartner­schaften in der Sanitärversorgung

BORDA Africa Flyer -2018

DEWATS Implementation by BORDA -2017

BORDA Fact Sheet – KRI-refugee camps

BORDA – Devanahalli-India – FSM-Poster

BORDA –  Menschenrecht-Wasser-Sanitär­versorgung-Projekte-2020 – Broschure

Possible Solutions for environmental sanitation – Dar es Salaam

Polyurban Waters – Conference – Brief

FSM – Inclusive citywide sanitation services – 2019

DEWATS-Cambodia – SBS-School Based Sanitation – Brochure

Localised reuse -opportunities for DEWATS-derived resources – Carley Truyens – 2019

BORDA – FSM for Leh

FSM – Sanitation for all – Photobook -2017

Key Elements for a New Urban Agenda – Conference Report – 2016

BORDA – Eckwerte unserer Arbeit

BORDA – Key Elements of our work

Body of Knowledge – City Sanitation Planning – 2016

Southeast Asia

Towards a Sustainable and Water Sensitive Sam Neua Town,

Water & Sanitation in Inclusive, Liveable and Climate Resilient Cities

Towards a Sustainable and Water-Sensitive Kratié,

Towards a Sustainable and Water-Sensitive Sariharjo, Sleman Regency, Indonesia

Improving the Quality of Life and Strengthening the Resilience of Small Towns through Sustainable Sanitation

Improving the Quality of Life and Strengthening the Resilience of Small Towns through Sustainable Sanitation (Flyer)

Responding to urban water challenges in Southeast Asia


FSM Guide for Dar es Salaam

Case Study – Lusaka, Kampala and Dar Es Salaam

The heroes behind Sanitation – FSM in Zambia

FSM in low-income settlements – Lessons learnt from Dar es Salaam

BORDA Guidelines Swahili

Sanitation Systems – where the sewer does not go

Innovative, cost-effective solution for the school sanitation crisis

South Asia

Las Américas

West & Central Asia

Borda Key Big

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