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BORDA Southeast Asia

BORDA Southeast Asia (SEA) is well presented with two country offices in Laos and Cambodia. Together with its professional local partner organisations BORDA SEA is active in various countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Cities and towns across Southeast Asia are developing extremely dynamically. Many municipalities face significant challenges: the rapid growth of unplanned settlements, demographic and technological change, climate change, new patterns of consumption and social inequalities. Meeting these challenges requires new approaches to providing essential public services, creating liveable and inclusive public space and adequately managing natural resources. At BORDA SEA we work to promote and implement flexible, polycentric models of urban development with a focus on water-related municipal services and the smart management of urban water resources. By raising awareness among and partnering with stakeholders at all levels and across sectors—including local decision-makers, government officials, urban planners, civil society actors, the private sector, professional associations and academia—we hope to support the changes necessary to deliver clean water and safe sanitation for all.


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