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BORDA Southeast Asia (SEA) is actively involved in addressing challenges in Southeast Asian cities. With two current country offices in Laos and Cambodia, BORDA SEA has been working in other countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand since the 1990s. Collaborating closely with local partners, BORDA SEA has developed customized planning strategies for effective water resource management and resilience against climate-related risks.

In rapidly developing cities across Southeast Asia, there are various challenges like unplanned settlements, demographic changes, technological advancements, climate issues, changing consumption patterns, and social disparities. To tackle these challenges, BORDA SEA advocates for innovative approaches, focusing on delivering essential public services, creating inclusive public spaces, and managing natural resources sustainably. They promote adaptable, decentralized models of urban development, emphasizing water-related municipal services and smart urban water resource management.

To bring about transformative changes, BORDA SEA raises awareness and fosters partnerships with stakeholders at all levels and across different sectors, including local decision-makers, government officials, urban planners, civil society representatives, the private sector, professional bodies, and academia. Their goal is to ensure universal access to clean water and safe sanitation for all.

Alejandro Miller

Alejandro Miller

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