3.6 billion lack access to safely managed sanitation*

This undermines all dimensions of sustainable development:
society, economy and the environment.

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Our Vision is Our Mission

Liveable cities for all

Our aim is to give people access to basic sanitation regardless of their income, gender, origin, place of residence, culture and religion and to make their surroundings healthy and liveable places.

We cooperate with local stakeholders to help them provide their citizens with sanitation facilities that enable a sustainable improvement in their living conditions. Thanks to BORDA’s holistic planning approach, we ensure efficient, reliable and affordable water, wastewater and energy services.

We are an internationally recognized expert organization and innovation leader, and a valued partner of political, public, civil society, scientific and private institutions.

Close to people

Enabling feedback loops from mason to minister, local to global.

Tested in real life

We only use what we have successfully tested.

Adapting & Innovating

Transcending disciplines, generations & nationalities to meet realities on the ground.

A trusted advisor

No vested interests means we can focus on what really matters.

Our Projects

Current Projects

Find out more about our current projects, which we are developing in Africa, South East Asia, South Asia and West and Central Asia.


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We are a worldwide organization

BORDA is an expert NGO from Bremen, Germany, specialized in small-scale, biological, and sustainable sanitation systems, which operate independently of any given infrastructure. Wastewater treatment with full water cycle implementation is a key component of our work. Safely managed sanitation improves living conditions and integrates sustainable handling of water, our most valuable natural resource.

For over 45 years, we have empowered people and set new standards in more than 25 countries around the world.

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