West & Central Asia

Strengthening Local Structures for Sustainable Sanitation

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Official Project Title

Strengthening local structures for sustainable Sanitation in West and Central Asia


BMZ Titel 687 03



External project number

2022 2605 8/BOR0011

Person in charge

Laura Roig Senge (Regional Director WESCA), 

Jonas Jung (Regional Coordinator WESCA) 


BORDA Jordan, Amman (Regional Office) 

BORDA Kurdistan, Erbil 

BORDA Tajikistan, Dushanbe 


Through capacitating local structures for sustainable decentralized sanitation services, the resilience of vulnerable communities in selected underserved areas in Iraq, Jordan and Tajikistan are strengthened to climate change impacts. Awareness of sanitation challenges in West and Central Asia is raised, and the energy-efficient and nature-based sanitation solutions developed will contribute to liveable and sustainable communities as well as the protection of natural resources.


Educational and advisory services, institutional strengthening, publications and networking, institutionalization of DEWATS.

Project status

First year of project phase

Financial status

Annual budget 2023: 917.000€