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Regional Project Sahel

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Regional project SAHEL – Improving basic sanitation, Shaping livable and inclusive cities, initiating a circular economy


BMZ Titel 687 03



External project number

Person in charge


Jacob Woelki (Regionalleiter SAHEL) 

Dr. Alexander Wolf (Regionalreferent SAHEL) 


In Senegal’s capital Dakar, the regional office of the regional project will be used to manage activities and knowledge exchange. Project implementation will take place in the countries of Mauritania (Nouakchott) and Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou), for which separate BORDA INROs are to be registered.


The innovative design of the WASH’N’SOUL project in Zambia aims to make the Human Right to Water and Sanitation a reality through access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services that last forever while systematically including climate protection.  


The target group for project implementation are the most vulnerable members of society: 20 schools and communities in Lusaka’s low-income communities located in peri-urban areas of the city. The project focusses on sustainability by providing long term solutions (infrastructure and behaviour change) and establishing functioning processes and (social) businesses according to the specific needs of a community; but does not support short term interventions. 


All interventions under the project aim to be in line with national and international development aims (SDGs, 7th National Development Plan, Vision 2030, etc.) and applicable national laws and strategies (Water Supply and Sanitation Act, National Urban and Peri-Urban Sanitation Strategy, Cholera Elimination Plan, Local Government  Act, Public Health Act, Solid Waste Regulation and Management Act, etc.).


Educational and advisory services, institution building and expansion, publications and networking, institutionalization of DEWATS.

Project status

Project is in the process of application

Financial status

Requested annual budget 2024: 874.000,00€.