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Sanitation and Hygiene to enhance Covid Prevention

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Enhancing COVID prevention and mitigation by improving the hygiene and sanitation sitatuion for communities in Mbeya and Tunduma





External project number


Person in charge

Africa / Tanzania: Laura Bright-Davies 

Project Manager: Jutta Camargo  

HQ: Kaja Olgun, Regional Coordinator  


BORDA Tanzania, Dar es Salaam 


This project focuses on preparing and implement COVID-19 prevention and mitigation activities to improve hygiene and sanitation in the secondary towns of Mbeya and Tunduma in southwest Tanzania.  

In order to achieve this objective, the following activities were implemented:  

  • Awareness and education campaigns in Tunduma and Mbeya on Covid-19 prevention and mitigation with the aim of combating the pandemic, and to improving sanitation 
  • Planning, design and construction of a simplified sewer system in Tunduma and Mbeya 
  • Planning, design and construction of a faecal sludge treatment plant near the town of Tunduma 
  • Workshops with stakeholders and relevant interest groups, among others for the selection of suitable components for the sanitation measures 
  • Trainings and workshops with future operators (capacity building)


Improved sanitation solutions, COVID-19 prevention and mitigation, capacity building and development

Project status

Project ended June 2023 

Financial status

Project ended June 2023 

Clean Water & Sanitation NGO - GIZ Tansania PN411 1