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DEWATS for Improving Sanitation in Hospitals

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Official Project Title

Project Clean Water – Improving sanitation services with decentralized wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS) in hospitals in Tajikistan


Lions Club Schweiz/Liechtenstein (MD 102)


since May 2021

External project number


Person in charge

Mohammad Noor (Project Lead in Tajikistan), 

Jonas Jung (Regional Coordinator WESCA) 


The implementation takes place locally through the BORDA office in Dushanbe with the support of the local organization Equidev.


The projects all aim to improve wastewater management and treatment at hospitals in various rural districts in Tajikistan through the construction of decentralized wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS). At the same time, relevant stakeholders from the health sector in the districts are being sensitized to improved hygiene and sanitation practices. 

So far, a total of four projects have been implemented in Tajikistan under this program with a total volume of over USD 1 million. A fifth project is currently being planned. 



DEWATS, Capacity Building, Awareness raising, Reuse Concepts, Health management

Project status

The fourth project was successfully completed in summer 2023. A fifth project is currently being planned.

Financial status

Total Budget 1.169.817,00 USD (in total of four projects)

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