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Strengthening Resilience and Securing Nutrition in Northern Mali

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Official Project Title

Strengthening Resilience and Securing Nutrition in Northern Mali (Timbuktu, Gourma-Rharus, Bandiagara)


BMZ Kapitel 2301 Titel 687 06



External project number

PN: 2019.1820.0 

Person in charge

Boubacar Maiga, BORDA Mali 

Dr. Alexander Wolf, HQ 


Partner organizations include the NGO “Association pour le Développement en Zone aride” (ADAZ) in Timbuktu and Rharus, as well as the NGO “Harmonie pour le Développement au Sahel” (HDS) in Dogonland. Partners in Bamako are the NGO “Reusir la Décentralization” (RLD).
Target groups are local grassroots organizations of rural and urban municipalities. 


Strengthening resilience and ensuring food security for local people in need and cooperatives in northern Mali:

1.) Income and food security as well as water supply for returned refugees, IDPs and disadvantaged population groups is guaranteed and their labour is preserved.

2.) The local cooperatives secure their livelihoods through the yields from agricultural production (rice, grain, horticulture, fodder cultivation).

3.) The cooperatives master the techniques they have learnt (cultivation, processing of products). Information and knowledge on the management and organisation of cooperatives are applied

4.) Farmers’ cooperative organisations provide the necessary advice and support, particularly in the maintenance and repair of pumps and equipment. Disputes over land use have been reduced



IDP, women’s empowerment, irrigated farming, bourgou culture, cooperatives, arbitration boards. 

Project status

The project is in its final year.  

Financial status

Budget (2023): 460.720,00€ 

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