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Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

Liveable and Inclusive Cities through Basic Sanitation

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Official Project Title

Regional Project Africa – Improving basic sanitation and supporting liveable and inclusive cities in Africa


BMZ, Kapitel 2302 Titel 687 03


2022 – 2024 



4.960.000 €

External project number

2018 2620 5 / BOR 0002 

Person in charge

Africa: David Dietz, Regional Director  

HQ: Kaja Olgun, Regional Coordinator  


BORDA Tanzania, Dar es Salaam 

BORDA Zambia, Lusaka 

BORDA Mali, Bamako 

BORDA South Africa, Durban 


Overall goal:  

Based on the principle of subsidiarity, integrated sanitation solutions contribute to the development of more liveable, inclusive, climate-resilient, and resource-efficient African cities. Capacities of urban and national actors in Mali, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa support the sustainable and broad-based provision of improved decentralized sanitation services in ten municipalities and thus contribute to strengthening social structures in particularly vulnerable urban areas. 

Project goals: 

1.) Sustainable access to improved decentralized sanitation services. 

2.) Program approaches for improved decentralized sanitation services anchored in the strategic development plans of 6 of the supported municipalities.  

3.) The program approach and the instruments developed can be found in 4 strategic documents on sector development (financing, standardization, etc.) in the respective national context and thus contribute to the security of supply and scalability of the project results in the long term.


Improved sanitation solutions, climate neutrality, municipalities, capacity development, strengthening of structures, scaling  

Project status

3rd year of project phase 

Financial status

Annual Budget 2023 – ca. 1.760.000 EUR