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Southeast Asia

Polycentric Approaches to Urban Water Management

Wetlands in Cambodia
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Official Project Title

NUR Collaborative Project: Polycentric Approaches to Urban Water Resources Management in Southeast Asia- Subproject 1: Collaborative Coordination and “Polycentric Urban Water Management”


BMBF, Kapitel 04 Titel 685 40  



2021 – 2025 


External project number



Person in charge

Bernd Gutterer


Berlin University of Technology – Habitat Unit;

Cologne University of Applied Sciences – Institute for Technology and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics


Overall objective:
The project contributes to the conceptualization and testing of polycentric approaches to water-sensitive urban planning and inclusive urban water management, and thus to the transformation of urban spaces towards resilient, inclusive and livable urban areas in line with national and global sustainability agendas.

(Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam)



Future-oriented, strategic urban planning;
Water-sensitive urban development;
Systemic, water-sensitive urban transformation;
Polycentric urban water resources management

Project status

Third year of the project phase

Financial status

Annual Budget for 2023 – ca.  379,845 EUR