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Poverty Reduction and Natural Resources Protection

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Official Project Title

Regional project Latin America: Poverty reduction and sustainable protection of natural resources in Latin America



BMZ, Kapitel 2302 Titel 687 03 



2022 – 2023


External project number

2018 2615 5/BOR0005 


Person in charge

Latin America: Pedro Krämer (Regional Director) 

HQ: Tobias Ulbrich (Regional Coordinator)  


BORDA Mexico, Mexico-City 

BORDA Nicaragua, Managua 

BORDA Cuba, Havanna 


Overall Goal: Poverty reduction by localizing the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda: integrated, decentralized solutions for sanitation and wastewater management (i-DELSA) contribute to the establishment of inclusive, livable and climate-resilient settlement areas in Latin America. 


Project goals:  

  1. In two urban communities each in Mexico and in Nicaragua, particularly disadvantaged population groups have been given permanently improved access to municipal, integrated, decentralized solutions for sanitation and wastewater management. For this purpose, an i-DELSA detailed plan for a structurally weak settlement area has been developed in a municipality in Cuba. 
  1. In the 5 funded municipalities, public, civil society and private actors have developed the planning, technical, communicative, economic and methodical capacities to scale the experiences made in the pilot projects to the city area. 
  1. The instruments and experiences developed are documented and communicated in a high-quality manner, so that they make a lasting contribution to sectoral or specialist political capacity development and decision-making (ministries, associations, etc.). The capacities developed at training institutes contribute to the sustainable dissemination of the i-DELSA approach at the various levels of intervention in the respective national and regional context. 




DEWATS, SDGs, integrated sanitation und wastewater management, liveable and sustainable cities, capacity building 


Project status

Final year of project phase 


Financial status

Annual budget 2023 – approx. 800.000 €