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Transforming Humanitarian WASH Coordination

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Official Project Title

Contribution of the WASH Network to strengthening and transforming humanitarian WASH coordination, capacity and collaboration with other actors to achieve localized, gender-responsive, climate-sensitive, environmentally-friendly and complementary humanitarian WASH assistance


AA (German Foreign Office)


March 2023 – December 2025

External project number


Person in charge

Jutta Camargo (Project Lead)

Jonas Jung (HQ Coordinator)


GTO and BORDA among others cooperate on the joint implementation of the project funded by A (German Foreign Office). The project is administered in BORDA’s Headquarter in Bremen, Germany


German WASH actors and their partners are strengthened in their capacity to meet humanitarian needs and are shaping the future of the WASH sector, by strengthening coordination, localisation and HDP nexus collaboration: 

  1. Coordination: Strategic initiatives to fill gaps and improve humanitarian WASH coordination and knowledge managment are carried out, resulting in more timely, predicatable and higher quality WASH response. 
  1. Localization: Strategic initiatives to enhance local WASH capacities and support commitments set out by the localisation agenda are carried out, enabling a more localised, inclusive and equitable WASH response. 
  2. HDP Nexus: Strategic initiatives to enable the collaborative operationalisation of the HDP nexus are carried out, resulting in an increased coherence across actors and sectors and more sustainable and resilient impacts.


Protection, Gender Equality, Inclusion, Anticipatory Action, Climate Sensitivity 


Project status

Project is ongoing

Financial status

BORDA Share: up to 60.500,00 EUR